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Friday, May 15, 2015

Eyes Tested! - Mid-Month-Reminder

Servus and welcome to the mid-month-reminder of our actual challenge "Eyes Tested"!

Team B have prepared a great bundle of projects for you and can't wait to share them with you!
It's also time to reveal our prize sponsor for this month and it is lovely Agnieszka's fab Retro Kraft Shop! Yay!


To win a voucher for shopping some awesome vintage and steampunk crafting goodies you simply need to play along with our challenge and enter one - or maybe even the allowed three - projects. Each proper entry will count as one lot and random.org will help draw one lucky winner after the challenge has closed at the end of this month.

If you haven't checked out the exact challenge theme for this month and the makes of team A by now, you find them over HERE. (You can also scroll down this post first as you will find another link at the bottom of this post). But now on to the creations of team B:

(to enlarge images simply click on them)


I love playing with tags - they are the perfect thing to experiment with. 
I also had a lot of fun hunting through the stamp collection for anything 
related to eyes...I found so many forgotten stamps that this led
 to another 'play day'!


I needed a special gift for a good old friend and I bought this bike clock. I have pimp up  it to an eye-catcher fit to their equipment on a shelf in her flat.


Hi everyone I transformed my son's glasses I don't think they will be
any use to him now though!

I really struggled with this as I had a vision in my head but it wouldn't 
materialise on the glasses.

I can't wait to see your creations and how you interpret the challenge.
I got there in the end you can see how by popping
 over to my blog

A monocle it is! I wanted to try using Black Gesso for the first time and stay somewhat dark for this Eyes Tested piece. There is really an eye (stamp) behind the monocle. Carpe Diem!


Being a girl who loves to look closely to detect and understand the hidden mechanisms behind things (like human behaviour and interaction for example) this page is a very personal message from me to all of us. I believe that looking more closely before acting (or talking) might spare us a lot of hurt and disappointment. We just sometimes forget and rush forward, don't we?


For a closer look at the projects visit our teamies' blogs (you get there by clicking their names). 

Our challenge "Eyes Tested" is still open for two more weeks. The inlinkz collection, detailed challenge description and makes of team A can be found HERE

We hope you will be able to make some time this month and join in! And who knows.....maybe it is you who makes our Top5 or wins the fab prize?! 

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC team

Saturday, May 9, 2015

April Top3 and Prize Winner

Servus and welcome to today's announcement of the winners from our April challenge "Raise the Curtains!".

As the challenge theme obviously was a real challenge (or maybe just the wrong theme at the wrong time) we had the small number of seven lovely and highly appreciated entries from six players this time - so choosing our Top3 from both collections each might have looked a bit awkward... also some of the entries sadly didn't even have a hint of steampunk about them, so that narrowed possible Top entries down to four anyway.

And as these four makes were from three players, the Top3 this time somehow figured out automatically.

Which brings me to a slight change with collections and Top votes for our future challenges: as you might already have checked out with our actual challenge "Eyes Tested!" we only offer a single inlinkz collection from now on (as there often aren't enough 3D entries to choose our Top3 from) - AND we will vote our Top5 from all the entries instead.

And I feel the need to emphasize once more that we hope and would LOVE to see a lot more cards, tags, ATCs and other "quicker" projects entered into our challenges (and that we explicitly do not divide between those and the more elaborate ones when it comes to judging and choosing our favourites). I know that "simplicity" sometimes gets mistaken for "less skilled" or "less elaborate" - but I assure you that my team and I do not think like that. 

We do NOT want to have SASPC become a place where all have to aim for that "swifter, higher, stronger"-attitude to get recognised! Art and being creative is all about listening to your inner artistic voice (and trustingly following it) - and we all know that tone and volume of our voices change - due to our moods and actual situations. And it is that inner dialogue that makes us feel good and becomes visible when we create, isn't it? So we want you to share your "feel-good" creations with us as they are the ones that "shine" and "talk to us" in a way (independent from any special media being used or skills). I have been working as an arts teacher for almost twenty years (and have been taught about all of this by my wonderful pupils) and I still am an arts teacher from the heart - so I hope you will trust me. ;)

And now on to our Top 3 and the winner of the generous $25 voucher donated by Inspiration Emporium! Yay!


and the winner iiiiis........

Congrats on your prize win, Senna! Please, contact me via email so we know where to send the voucher to! (I am sorry I won't be able to reply to you before May 20th as I am on holiday and off the internet at the moment. So please bear with me. I promise I will take care of it asap!)xxx

Our Top3


Thank you so much for playing along! And special thanks go to our constant and true players but also to our new players for adding their style and artwork to our little creative steampunk spot! Mwah! X

Our actual challenge "Eyes Tested" is open and awaits your entries! ;)

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC team

Friday, May 1, 2015

"Eyes Tested!" - the May Challenge

Servus and welcome back to our little creative Steampunk corner!

It's time to start a new challenge and this month we want you to incorporate anything that can be connected to "eyes" with your steampunk projects as our theme is 

"Eyes Tested!"

Goggles, eye charts, dolls eyes, stamped, painted or drawn eyes, monocles....you can create whatever makes you happy - a tag, an art journal page, a card, a mixed media canvas, some piece of altered art or altered art jewelry,....well, and anything else I just couldn't think about right now...lol. 

And you don't need to show us the "pure steampunk only" attitude to get eligible for our Top3 or the prize draw - if you are for example new to steampunk or simply just don't want to have your project be too industrial looking, a hint of steampunk will do too. But your entry definitely has to be visibly "steampunk-ish" to make it count.

A heartfelt thank you to our brave players who joined in our April challenge! Obviously the theme was too complicated (or simply the wrong theme at the wrong time)...so we already would like to call each of them a winner - simply because they rocked this challenge and showed us some awesome curtain-pieces. We will announce our top votes and the prize winner next Saturday! So make sure you check back then.

But now on to round 1 for your inspirations bundle of DT projects:

Canvas with rusty powder, eyes chart stencil 
an image and just some charms.....
more on my blog



I've been waiting to transform my plain black plastic goggles into something totally steampunk. "Eyes Tested" is the perfect theme to work on my goggles.My husband asked me what I was going to do with them, and I said, wear them, of course! Somehow, I got the idea, he did not want to be on that adventure with me!

Visit my blog for the tutorial adventure.
Now, to the skies and beyond!


If your eyes want to test my journalspread, you are welcome to visit my blog

This quote from Jim Carrey stole my heart,
so I decided to hold on to it via my art journal. :)
You can see more photos on my blog.

I had immediately an idea what I wanted to create when I heard about this amazing Theme "Eyes Tested" but then in the end I was struggling with the realization. I hope you like the outcome. And the Title of this Project is "open your Eyes and you can see what Art can do" More details and step by step can be found on my Blog.


I found beautiful red metal welding goggles so I altered them, but without changing colour. I sewed their edges and band with leces. I ornamented them with metal clockworks, brads, screws, zipper and filigrans.
More photos you will find on my blog.


Please make sure you visit the blogs of my wonderful teamies for some closer looks and also leave them a comment so they know their efforts got noticed. I am sure you will make them very happy by doing so. ;)

Our challenge is as usual open until the end of the month. We won't offer separate collections for 2D and 3D makes anymore, but will vote our Top 5 from now on. So entering the challenge will be a lot easier for you. 

We hope to see you play along with us soon!
Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia and the SASPC-Team

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"Raise the Curtains!" - Mid Month Reminder

Servus and welcome back to part two of our show below raised curtains!

Team B have outdone themselves as well and are happy to help you along with getting your mojo started by sharing their bundle of awesome steampunk inspiration with you today!

This month's theme 

should open a wide field for adding fabric, drawn, stamped or any other kind of curtains you can think of to your steampunk creations! Both teams - A and B - showed that there are endless possibilities for interpretation!

But before we head on to their makes I would like to once more tell our readers (and also possible new players) that with our challenges we hope to be able to simply encourage as many of you as possible to find out what industrial and technical looking elements, colours and/or surfaces "do to your art" and how to play with them as just another means for composition in colour, texture and shape.There is no level of steampunk art we do NOT want to see honestly. If you take a giant leap or just small steps - it is up to you. We want to see you in your makes in the first place!

Don't let yourself get intimidated by any definitions on what "real steampunk" might or might not be! Just follow your heart and find your very personal approach to this special style. And have fun! ;)

Our prize sponsor this month are Inspiration Emporium


who will generously give away a $25 voucher to one randomly drawn winner. So all you have to do to get eligible for this awesome prize is play along and enter up to 3 projects. Each entry counts separately...so you can double or even triple your chances! ;)

And NOW let me (finally) show you the makes of team B! 


Raise the The Curtains!

A lot of layers, Curtains made out of tissue paper & Lace

All held back with cogs. Why not join us! and play along.
Details over on my blog.

The Gentleman comes home and lays his goggles and pocket watch on the table, he looks up at his beloved's portrait knowing he will always keep her in his heart. He then turns with a light step and can not contain the glee he feels as he opens the curtains to his..............

Lab! He knows he is so close to figuring out how he will see his beloved again. 
If you would like to know more about The Gentleman and how his Lab was created feel free to stop by my blog. 

I loved making this Steampunk Theatre...it was such fun to make!
The actors can't wait to begin their performance...
Wait a minute!!.......Where are the actors?.........

 I just love the story and old movie of "The Wizard of Oz" - so when I read "curtains" the scene when Toto reveals the "huge and mighty Oz" (by pulling aside the green curtain) came to my mind immediately. I tried to create a canvas shadowbox showing exactly that scene with all its magic and steampunk fun!
I hope you like it too.

From an old wood frame to a new idea with 3D effect for our home decoration.
- A little sheltie dog in Steampunk dreams -

I recycled a fish tin, which was hugely inspiring. I made a shadowbox with an old fashioned public telephone as a telephone booth to call someone we love. After the call we can lower the curtain.


If you haven't seen the creations from team A also take a closer look at them over HERE! Our challenge is open until the end of the month and as usual we offer two separate collections for your 2D and 3 D projects. 
  To get to our challenge click HERE

We hope to see you join in soon!
Hugs and happy steampunk crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC team! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

March's Top3 and Prize Winner

Servus and welcome back to today's announcement of our Top3 and the prize winner of the fab surprise package from lovely Tusia from 7 Dots Studio


We had overwhelming thirty-four entries last month - which always is the greatest "reward" for the team who work so eagerly to constantly provide you with unique inspiration and eye candy! Thanks for paying us back by entering loads of eye candy and inspiration too! ;)

Don't miss the creations of team B that will be shown with the mid month reminder post on April 15th when the curtains will be raised again for a second bundle of steampunk goodness!

Random.org picked a prize winner on my behalf and it is

Yay! Congrats on your prize win, Lula! Have fun with your 7 Dots Studio goodies! Please, let me know via email (see side bar) where to send your goodies so I can forward information to Tusia asap! xxx


But let's head on to our Top3 - which definitely were very hard to pick this time (well, honestly it always is) as we loved all your entries so much (which honestly we also always do), but to choose we promised so choose we must...and we did....so here they come:




Now that's what I call Steampunk beauty galore! Huge congrats to all our worthy winners! Please, feel free to grab the Top3 badge for display on your blogs and thank you all once more for playing along and sharing your awesome mixed media steampunk art with us!


If you haven't already checked out this month's challenge theme (which is a very fun and special one this time) you can do so over HERE. We would love to see you play along with us soon! And don't forget to pop by on April 15th to find out about this month's prize sponsor and take a close look at the makes of team B

See you soon!

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC team!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Raise the Curtains! - the April Challenge

Servus and drumrolls, please, as we raise the curtains for our April challenge, which iiiiiis...

....Raise the Curtains!

This month we challenge you to create Steampunk projects in which curtains play the main role.

As usual our challenges are "anything goes" ones - as long as your projects show some Steampunk (or are at least vintage themed with a hint of Steampunk) and as long as they stick to the challenge theme (and the few challenge rules of course).

In this case your project can be anything that has to do with curtains (maybe being raised or pulled aside, revealing....well, whatever you can think of). I am sure you will once again surprise us all with your marvellous and imaginative projects!

So let's raise the curtains for the makes of Team A and fuel your mojo with some stunning creations:

I recycled an old candy container to create this shadowbox,
where a winged mannequin peeks from behind a chain curtain...
You can check out some close-ups on my blog.

This time I'll raise the curtains for a little steampunk in The Circus.
There are more details from my altered book on my blog Raise The Curtains

I used a cereal box for my shadow box, cut, glue, some masking tape and paint.
I used a paper mache mask, stamp on tissue paper, glue, distress ink, glossy
I used paper for the curtains and now...
...I have a frame
I added a tuto on my blog


"The Mesmerist"

Happy April Fools Day! 
For those of you who don't celebrate this day, it is a time to play jokes or hoaxes on others, 
and can be a lot of fun. So, imagine what could happen if the rabbit escaped from the hat, and took over the show! "Raise the Curtains" to enjoy the spectacle! 
Come over for a visit to get all the details.

After the Wedding from Mr. & Mrs. Cumberbatch this Picture went around the world and it really caught my attention. They look so deeply happy, and with this Mixed Media Project I do like to keep this moment frozen for ever and "raise the curtain on". By the way I did call this Project: ".... and they lived happily ever after!". Good Luck Sophie & Benedict ! :-) More Pictures can be found on my Blog.


Our challenge will be open until the end of the month and we offer two separate collections for either your 2D or the 3D makes, so make sure you enter your project to the according one. 
We hope to see you play with us soon! Make sure you check back on April 15th for the makes of team B (and to find out who will be our prize sponsor for this month) and also on April  11th to find out if you are among our Top3 or if you're the prize winner! 

We hope you will have loads of fun creating something for our challenge! ;)

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC team!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Gear it Up! - Mid Month Reminder

Servus and welcome to round two of presenting the team's inspirational creations for our March challenge

Our sponsor this time is Tusia's fab 7 Dots Studio! So don't miss the chance to win a fab prize package! All you have to do is play along and enter our challenge. Maybe it is you whom random.org will pick! ;)


If you haven't already checked out the makes from team A, you will find them over HERE (alongside the inlinkz collections where you can enter your creations to). Our challenge is open until the end of the month and we will announce the prize winner and Top3 on 11th April.

And now come the fab creations of team B! And it is with great joy that I can tell you that SanDee1899 - the co-founder and -owner of SASPC - is back! Yay! Welcome back to our little steampunk corner, Sandra! We are so glad to have you with us again! Mwah! XXX

To get to the blogs of our teamies just click on their names. And I am sure you will make their day by leaving a short comment letting them know you saw and liked their efforts! For a larger view click on the images.

This happened to be one of those lovely times where you sit down to play with ink and paint and the creation just grows without any plans - other than following the challenge guidelines and wanting to use one of the Found Relatives portrait cards for the first time, I really had no idea where to go with this.
Suddenly I was creating a really cool background of gears and other mechanical details and then a whole Time Traveller theme began to look like a good idea....
I LOVE it when creating is like this!


Hi everyone I am super excited to be here with my first project for the blog. I love cogs so this challenge is brilliant for me. I used a brayered background that I had and  then as always it just took off on its own and this was how it ended up.

I love metallic's be it paint wax's etc, rust fascinates me the colours can be stunning, clocks most of my art will have a clock or compass on it. 

I hope this plaque inspires your entries to the challenge & that
you all like my first project please let me know what you think.
Details on my blog.

What would steampunk be without gears and cogs? A truly inspiring theme!
Therefore the steampunk theme of course had to find its way into my favourite art journal book.

Hello and welcome! This is my first Design Team piece and I am very excited to share it with you all. To me, Steampunk has a sultry side and I try to incorporate color into my Steampunk works when I can. There are many techniques and layers to this piece so, if you would like to "see" the process check out my blog. Carpe Diem!

oh it was so much fun creating this Tag. Isn´t Steampunk just the best technique ever :-)
find more details if you like on my Blog - send you love SanDee 

Actually all I had to do to create this project was really "gear up" a paper scrap. The ghostly image of the top hatted gentleman is a left over from cleaning a stencil (thus wiping the residue of black paint from the stencil onto the sheet of paper underneath) and I am sure I never would have achieved that wonderfully smudged look if I had been aiming for it! Happy accidents - I just love 'em!


Oh my! Looking at this fab bundle of steampunk art from teams A and B really (and always) makes me so proud to be part of this! "My" fab team is making me so proud and happy every time! And when I look at the fab art our players enter to the challenges I feel the same! "My" fab players making me sooo proud too! lol
 Let me send a big MWAH! to you all! 

We would love to see your geared up creations being shared with us soon! 

Click HERE to get to the challenge.

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC Team